Why Piggy’s Blog?

Pigs are quite smart. I am smart.
Pigs chill. I chill.
Pigs like to eat. Me like good food~
Pigs are clean animals. I am quite meticulous with cleanliness.
Pigs are lazy. I can be lazy at times.
Pigs are cute. Well, I may not be so :P
Oh yeah, and I am born on the Pig (or Boar) year.

Why Journey of Success?

The journey of success is the journey of life, and life is the living in the now and as a whole. Too abstract? That’s why you should read my blog :)

Life is best realized as a process of evolution by living in the moment (awareness). Success, ultimately, IS this exact journey. Therefore, instead of a niche, specific subject, you will find writings that cover a wide range of topics.

Life, as a journey of success, is not to be taken in fragments. Because it is a process, I chose the word “of,” rather than, “to” because ultimate success is no longer a destination by the concept above.

But what’s my credentials?

I am a simple guy, and I have no labels like expert, guru, master, life-coach, nor do I want them. I did get my master degree from Stanford but that has little to do with this blog. How about, I am a human being. I am simply a human being who is extremely interested in all aspects of life.

I am writing this blog as a fellow human being, doing his best, to live life in the moment, and to share experience and thoughts and feelings on living life as a whole. I enjoy sharing and learning and helping others. It is my way to contribute to this world because I can.

I will say…

Our environment and conventional schools prepare us only in the field of knowledge — the obtaining of information — but not so much wisdom. Stuff like how to be a person? How to develop character? deal with human relationship? personal finance? And ultimately, what is life? Who is Self? We are to find out on our own. This exploration is important because being aware and knowing why is what distinguish people from people.

Some Hints/Pointers about Me

Like I said, this blog is one of my contribution to this world, as To Give is to Receive

Here is a small PF tale on what shapes my personal financial life today.

What I believe to be our most important thing in life — happiness — instead, it’s peace.

Here is how I think about money and how money can “buy” us happiness.

In 2 posts, I talk about Journey to Success and Reaching Greatness.

I am also into health and fitness because without health, we will not have the body to let us enjoy life and all the money we so eagerly earn and save.

If you are interested in Zen, I wrote a post on Awareness and Zen. Zen, which is just a way to experience life, has changed a lot on the way I see and act in life. It is very important for us to learn to live in the moment.

On the topic of love, I wrote one of the more popular posts on this blog, Love – The Ability.

My biggest hobbies/passions are learning/playing the piano, with lessons for around 4 years now and singing.

In doing many of the things above, I learn many things that eventually contribute to the way I am, the way I think, and the way I want to live. But enough BS, to learn more about me, I encourage you to read through of my blog. And with the picture, I leave you no room for fantasy in your mind…

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