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[Thought] Capitalism Means No True Happiness?

My answer would be yes to the question, if we live purely or mostly by the value of capitalism.
Otherwise, this post would not exist. Ha!

Living in this capitalistic world, I can to see why the people with [monetary] power could possibly not want people to gain knowledge. The knowledge that I’ll explain now.

I truly believe when it’s all said an done, true happiness lies within ourselves. Once we can find this peaceful, gentle, kind, compassionate self within ourselves, we can come to acceptance to our true self and therefore, be able to ALWAYS act upon that. And with that, we’ll continue to empower this identify of “self”, so we don’t lose control eating, spending, chasing after ephemeral, etc. In other word, NOT looking in the outside world or from materials to fulfill this happiness that is so grounded in human beings, and also the root of all our actions, if one cares to trace and think deep enough.

If it’s so easy, why aren’t we all happy yet?
Well, it is not easy.
Nor is it fancy.
Which is why you don’t always hear this. (or do you?)

And why capitalism means no true happiness?
Because if everyone starts to find “this way to happiness” because those sales people’s numbers will go down.

Or if they do somehow try to teach you this idea, they’ll sell it in DVDs…in a series, and keep you buying next DVDs that only contain missing or repetitive information from the last.
Maybe I’m being too cynical.
But nonetheless, I’m serious that they don’t want you to know.

If you think about what I said about finding happiness in yourself and THEN understand and THEN practice it, a lot of the goods and services that they claim will somehow directly or indirectly make you happier will no longer be needed. These myriads of consumeristic “things” they offer will lose their appeals and they will no longer have a business.

This is we why are bombarded with advertising, most plausibly.
Make us buy.
And keep buying.
Keeps us from thinking.
Keep us from realizing.

Their advertising so advertently strives to remind and “brainwash” people that they need more “things” to be happy. Strategy may include confusion tactics, meaning that we may just got lured to buy because there is waaaaay too much information than we can ever process cause us to be in a state of confusion.

Either way, the main point of this post is NOT about discarding materials completely and going into monkhood.

We are commoners.
And we want certain standard of livings.
At least for comfort.
I know I do.

The POINT is…
We must work on the inside of ourselves to be truly happy.

I said it’s not easy, despite it being a simple idea. It is because to approach the state of true happiness that I mentioned requires continuous effort, to maintain and develop the ourselves. You need to be consistently aware of your mind, your body, your attitude. From that, you gather information about yourself only then to think and evaluate “what” to keep and “what” to discard and “what” to develop.

In fewer words…
You will maintain a consistent state of self-evaluation (aka. understand yourself).
You will maintain also a consistent effort to improve (aka. remove bad habits, make good new ones).

Yes, that’s why it’s not so easy, but then once you are in the groove, it doesn’t seem so tough either.
So every step you take in this manner will make you stronger for the next.
Didn’t I say life is a spiral before?

The thing is… Majority of population maybe able to start and keep up some extraordinary effort for a day, a week, several weeks, a month, several months…but years after years? I think we all know how it is. It is even harder when these business people don’t like this idea and would do anything to convince us otherwise.

But we all have to start from somewhere.
Why don’t you start today?
I know I have, otherwise this blog will not exist.

And even if my posts are confusing (hopefully not) and make no sense what-so-ever to you, check out the links I provide in the navigation on the right. Those personal finance and personal development blogs contain LOTS of great information and quality content that I myself have learned much from.

[Rhapsody] Questions for U.S. President George Bush Junior

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I talked about reflecting on yourself to become a better “you” as everyday goes by.

I’m not a very political person, but I wonder if our president does any self-reflection.
I wonder if President George Bush Junior ever think to himself:

I’m already the president of U.S., the most powerful man in U.S. and possibly in the world, do I really need more power?
Maybe I should use my power more appropriately, for better cause, and not abuse the darn thing…

I (and my friends) have a crap load of money already, do I really have to help us obtain more?
Maybe we can use our time, money, and effort to help and advocate medical research or any kind of benefical social efforts.

I’m making more mistakes than I really want to when I speak in public…
Maybe I should work on my vocabulary and practice the presentation…

Had there been “a little” too many lives lost among all the wars I started here and there?
Maybe it’s time to find a way to stop them.

I have always been pushing democracy to the other parts of the world. Why don’t people understand?
Maybe they don’t understand the fundamentals of democracy. Wait, do I know the fundamentals of democracy? Is United States being a good example of democracy under my ruling?

Should I listen more to the opinions of the people I am supposed to be serving?
Maybe it’s time I listen to other perspectives.

Did I really change the government for the better?
Did I really make America a better place?
Have I contributed to the world positively?

And finally…
Am I being a good president? Am I being a good person?

Personally, I’m not sure if he can close his eyes and say with peace in his heart, “Yes”.
But that’s just me.

Do you have questions for our Mr. President?

[Rhapsody] No Need For Financially Aware Consumers

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Between the housing slump and the effect of globalization, U.S. economy is highly dependent and driven by consumer spending based on data from the first half of the year. Why did I bring this up? We people who blog about personal finance have often mention the need to teach financial awareness. This is especially true after looking at the lowest American savings rate in ages. People should educate themselves about personal finance to be financially ready for the future, to be able to take care of the inevitable parts of life concerning personal finance…

But then, I think those business people (I’ll call them “the man” from here) don’t want people to be so financially aware…

“The man” don’t want us to understand to figure out lesser deals that means bigger profit margin for them.
“The man” don’t want us to be frugal.
“The man” don’t want us to have budgets.
“The man” want us to put all our money into their pockets!

I know. I know. It’s a bit “conspiracy-theory-ish”, but after all, the economy is ESPECIALLY depending on consumers’ spending these days.

Just a thought.