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Saratoga Sushi Boat

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Before hitting the movie, 300 (Spartans!!!), at Saratoga 14 AMC Theater on Saturday, my friends and I hit the Sushi Boat Restaurant in the vicinity for dinner.

All the sushi (including a lion-king type roll) tastes decent, the salmon was fresh on the nigiri, and price was appropriate for the portion. The boats that go around are constantly being filled unlike another sushi boat I went to near work. All in all, I would return there again.

Reminder: I’m a big Japanese food fan :)

[Diary] 2007-01-14 Weekend

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This weekend I spent a lot of time w/ my niece :) It’s amazing how much she has grown in just 2 months. Especially now that she has learned to smile, what an adorable creature! How can one not love such a baby…


So on Sunday, I went to San Francisco Japan Town. It was the 3rd time I’ve been to this restaurant called Izumi-ya. The food that I had eaten there all three times were excellent and so I proclaim their consistency. The food I’ve tried includes okonomiyaki (aka. Japanses pancake, my fav there! Let’s chant, “okonomiyaki, okonomiyaki, okonomiyaki…”), seafood udon, yaki-udon, curry rice. All were delicious. The portions may look small but they’re quite filling. The service was also good and efficient. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is located inside the J-town mall 2nd floor, at the cornoer across from the giant Japanse bookstore, Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Note: There is also a crepe store right next to the restaurant ;)


After lunch, my sister’s going to the Japanses salon, Japanese Center Beauty Clinic, downstair from the restaurant. For convenience, I tried to ask for an haircut, as my hair is thick and getting long. I did not have high hope as they are very very busy and as such, my first attempt of asking failed with a reply, “Sorry, we don’t have anymore appointment.” Out of curiosity, I asked another stylist using Japanese…and behold, he was able to find sometime to cut my hair. So I got an expensive haircut, which I would say, “It’s the most satisfying, best darn haircut I’ve had ever!”. Though it may not look much different, the nice touch is that the cut makes it a lot easier for me to manage my hair (I can even do away w/ gel!). In other words, I don’t have to deal with it so much now, which is one of the reasons I’ve had short hair for years was because of that. Now I can let it grow and see what happens.

We can’t just stay the same as time goes now, right?