[PF] Money Can Buy Happiness

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Hi all, I am back! Hope you didn’t miss me too much.
Having tears of joy for my return?
Just kidding.

Following the discussion on money is not evil last time…
I talked about money not being evil.
I talked about money being a tool.

Let me repeat…
Money is not evil and money is a tool.

With the above understanding, you should no longer feel negative and apprenhensive about money and having money. Money being a tool means its value depends on how the users utilize it, with users being us.

While that mentality is sinking in your mind, let’s talk about how money can buy happiness.
Huh? What happen to the old saying that “money cannot buy happiness”?
Well, let’s make it clear that money cannot buy happiness literally.
By “buying happiness”, I DO NOT mean that money can get you everything.

Money cannot buy you friends, real friends.
Money cannot get you love.
Money cannot magically give you new abilities.
Money cannot revive the dead.

So what then?

Money Means Survival

First, money allows us to survive. Let’s not forget about that. We live in a society that operates on money, so without money, we cannot survive. We are animals too, so survival is a priority. Let’s be happy that each of us is surviving because of money.

Money Provides Sense of Security

Because our survival is linked to money, having more money allows us to thrive and provides a sense of security. Having money saved up let’s us live with less worries.

How do I pay all the monthly bills?
What if I get laid off?
What if my car breaks down?
What if I have a health-related emergency?

It would be safe and 100% guaranteed to say that if you have one or more of those scenario above, you can come out with no or less worries and stress if you have more money. I can subscribe to that because I worried a lot about making it through my graduate school, paying the living expense and tuition. Fortunately, I made it out alive in fairly good shape by taking leave of absense to work full-time for awhile and taking subsidized loans.

Since I mentioned loan, let me add that lowering and eliminating debt has the same effect as having more money. That’s why we should also strive to be debt free.

Money Provides Flexibility

“Laid off” is mentioned above. If you have money and not have to worry about mortgages, you have extra time to look for your next job. Or if you current job is unpleasant, you can choose to venture into starting your own business, or simply take some time off to find the right direction. By flexibility, we can also think of it as the next topic…

Money Lets Us Do Things

Despite money cannot buy everything, you can put your money to good use toward the important things in your life, like:

  • Continuing education
    With money, you can go ahead and get the master, PhD, MBA, CPA, degree in whatever field you have always wanted
  • Assiting parents and family members
    Some of us have aging parents that could use our help…financially. Actually, having money may also make it easier for you to help them out physically too.
  • Hobbies
    Use money toward the classes and equipments for your favorite hobby. I do for piano!
  • Buying things that you like
    I am sure you all have things you like. Clothes? Shoes? Watches? Artwork? I love gadgets…
  • Vacation
    Travel the world, see other cultures and people, have more experience. What great ideas!
  • Housing
    Let me say first, despite being relative, I discourage buying “too big of a home” to live in (i.e. 2 people living in a 4000sq.ft. house). With that said, it is certainly a nice and happy thing to afford a decent size, comfortable living place for you and your family.

In conclusion, I guess I should not say money can buy happiness.
Rather, money can contribute to happiness, depending on how you use it.

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