[PF] Money Is Not Evil

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The world appears to be obsessed about money.
The entire human society runs on the circulation of money.
Almost everyone is crazy about making money.
Some people dedicate their lives hoarding money.
Some people worry everyday about money.
Friends turn against each other for money.
Family and relatives break blood-bonds on money issues.
Some laws and law-makers favor the rich.
The list keeps going… but…

Money is not evil.

I say people carry an inappropriate, antagonistic mentality with money.
It is the society which supplies the negative connotation that the word, money, carries because of what happens when money is involved and what people would do for money.
At the end of the day, humans are still responsible for the evil.
There is no way around it.
Money is not a negative thing.

Because money is a tool.
Which means it’s a dead object.
So let’s not make a dead object responsible for what happens.
Like any everyday tool in our life - screw driver, hammer, etc.
It provides us leverage.
It gives us power…
Ah, power…
That is the key. That is where we can attribute the root of the question why money is considered evil.
As the old saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Money provides power in this society.
Lots of money provides lots of power.
Having an inexhaustible amount of money means absolute power (almost absolute, at least).
So having a lot of money can really screw with the mind.

That is exactly why I write this post.
To get our minds straight and clarify money is a tool.
Just think of it as a tool.
It is neither good or evil inherently.
It is all about what we do with it that matters.
What we do with it will dictate its usefulness and meaning, which is why we also shouldn’t hoard it (save, save, save… without spending) for no reason.

Another good reason for the clarification is how some people think money is evil and as a result…
They won’t think about it.
They won’t want to learn about money.
They won’t read about personal finance.
They won’t learn the rules and laws concerning money.
Which becomes a bit of a problem…

It is going to be a problem because they won’t care to read what I write here!
Ok, just kidding.

It IS going to be a problem because in this society, they cannot do away with money.
Their ignorance will incur extra cost.
Their ignorance will make them lose their hard-earned money.
They will likely be trapped in “rat race” forever.
They will likely stay poor, if they are poor.
Or they will cease to have financial stability.

That would suck, for them.
And it kind of sucks for me too because it is my intention and hope that people can improve, as I always insist, and hopefully have better, happier life.
Why don’t you help me spread this message out?

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