Talking Ourselves into Depression – Doom, Gloom, and BOOM

Our thoughts create our reality. There should not be any doubt about that. We think, we translate that into words, and that in turn can influence others around us.

And if you have pay attention to the news lately, the thought of a up coming depression is almost unavoidable. It may indeed be true that the situation is as serious as it sounds, but the media is certainly not helping. It’s no doubt that they are driving more fear than necessary by selling all the drama. And they sell drama because it works… it may not be happy things, but people like it. Almost like we are letting ourselves be talked into a depression by ourselves.

This is another form of people taking things to the extreme. When will people stop buying into drama and see reality as it is and simply change with the change?

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One Response to “Talking Ourselves into Depression – Doom, Gloom, and BOOM

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    November 28th, 2008 09:25

    Yes, sometimes I like to hang a big “Don’t Panic” sign in front of me, as many pessimistic (but probably well-meaning) friends try to talk me into feeling the fear and depression that seems to be the in thing nowadays. Hey, it could be worse.

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