Stop Blaming and Take Responsibility

At some point in life, we have to start taking true responsibility. We have to acknowlege that my world, my life, ME!, is a direct result of my own decisions and thoughts. We have to get the thought planted into our brain…

I, as I exist NOW, is 100% the result of my own decisions.

There, that’s basically all I should need to say today…what? Explanation…arrrr…fine..

As a child, there are a lot of decisions made for us, which are not under our control. But as we grow and become physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially independent, we have to start taking responsibility of ourselves. We are no longer the responsibilities of other people (parents, friends, relatives, bf/gf…). My reality is my responsibility.

I do not blame others for what happened to me.

It’s a bit unfortunate that our current society is built upon blaming others people, just take a look at the judicial system. “My son died of alcohol poisoning in a frat party…I’ll sue his friends…I’ll sue the school…” C’mon, I know it’s a tragedy for the parents, but the kid made his own decision to do what he did and he met his destiny. (yes, that sounds very harsh) And that’s without saying PERHAPS that the parents lack certain discipline/teachings in certain area. I have also witness real life example of someone blaming another for things that happened (actually, not happened) because of his own decisions. Quite sad.

Ok, so that was a very strong example. I understand that the idea is a bit hard to swallow and to get into our system. But I assure you there is a new sense of freedom if you do grasp it :)

Our mind is the strongest power we have. We make decisions on our lives. We choose how we feel. We choose what we think. If we understand that, we can become a much more proactive person and be able to accomplish many things in life! We should not worry about what others think or feel about us, because that’s their decisions to make. All we can do is make the choice to give our best efforts, and the rest will have its flow. What others think cannot dictate our feelings because we are master of our reality.

I’m responsible for my reality and I’m taking control of it.

Combining with awareness, we should…

  • be aware when we commit a mistake, realize it’s our responsibility. Then face the result, take corrective actions, and learn from the mistake
  • also be aware when we make an improvement because of ourselves. Then recognize ourselves and feel mighty good about it :)

This post provides extra supporting basis for my old post, Love - The Ability.

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